How Diseases Begin

Written by: Fitand Rich

Our body remains healthy as long as there are no foreign substances that affects its normal functions.  There are many symptoms like fever, headache and vomitting that can help us determine if we are sick or have diseases.  Read more now to get to know more how diseases begin in our body...


Normaily our body functions well as long as there are no foreign materials in our body.  When we get foreign materials called free radicals (toxin, anti-bodies and oxidants) our body gets contaminated and reacts to it shown by the so called symptoms.  Symptoms help doctors find out which might be the disease that you currently have.  They will give you medicine that stops the affect of the diseases.  

When we have a sickness, we feel bad like fever, headache and vomitting.  Signs or symptoms can help doctors determine your disease, they will give you medicine to stop the sickness.  We know that our body needs energy, food, vitamins, trace minerals and anti-oxidants to function well.

When free radicals come into our body, our body will respond by eliminating it, usually by the help of our lymphatic system with nodes that sometimes swell when we are sick.  This works by either killing the micro-organism and removing the free radicals out of our body, however there are cases when our body is not enough to remove this. 

Sickness begin by affecting our smallest building block of our body, the cells.  The cells when attacked by the free radicals gets weak or dies as the supply of Adenuse Triphosphate (ATP), proteins, glucose, vitamins and trace minerals are diminished or blocked.  Death of cells causes the disease as our body will need to regenerate cells and our immune system is the protection against diseases.

Most common oxidants are hydroxyl which causes burns to our cells and kills it.  It also makes our cells to get bigger or have inflammation that makes it weak, burned and die.  Anti-oxidants helps expel this through supplementation which is available in my More Information page.  Our first defense is the immune system, if our immune system is weak or there is a much concentrate of free radicals than our healthy cells, we get diseases or sickness.


Below is a photo of a healthy cells.



And cells damaged by free radicals.



So that is what happens to our cells when affected by the oxidants or free radicals.  Our cells get destroyed and weakened that is why we get sick.  One of the most dangerous disease are auto-immune diseases like lupus.  It is better that we supplement enough nutrient and food and power to our cells so that we are always healthy and doesn't have problems with diseases.


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