The Vitamins and Minerals, Secret to Healthy Living and Cell Life

Our body needs the right kind of nutrition in order for it to function properly. Everyday we live, we work and we breath in the air, take in food and drink some water. One of the miracle of life is the capacity of our body to sustain life itself. Truly it is one of God's greatest gift to mankind.

Vitamins and minerals is beneficial to our body. We just need to get the right amount of it for our body. OVerdose can happen if there is really excess of those in our body. Healty living means keeping up our body with the right nutrients.

The Cell's Powerhouse

In the science and anatomy of cells, we have to know where the energy of our cells come from in order for our body to function well. Our body is composed of systems, organs, tissues and cells. The cells need enough energy in order to survive and achieve its function. Healthy cells are helpful for our body to function well.

Why is our Body God's Temple and Life is a Blessing

We, as human beings are the highest form of creation of God.  We have been given the highest intelligence amongst all creatures on earth that is why our body is God's Temple and life is a blessing.  We must learn to love ourselves and live our life to the fullest.

How Our Body Lives Everyday


Consuming Anti-Oxidants, and Trace Minerals
Our body lives everyday because we nourish it with food and nutrients and also we give it adequate rest.  Learn why we need to eat healthy food and have a sound sleep and rest everyday.

How Diseases Begin

Our body remains healthy as long as there are no foreign substances that affects its normal functions.  There are many symptoms like fever, headache and vomitting that can help us determine if we are sick or have diseases.  Read more now to get to know more how diseases begin in our body...

What Keeps Us Alive

Everyday, we are thankful because we wake up everyday.  It is a God's blessing that everyday we are able to see the beauty of the day.  Have you ever wondered how we have that life, how we continue living which one of the most precious gift that men have received.

7 Deadly Degenerative Diseases

In our current times, there are diseases that still exist, and although the cure is available, regaining health is not that fast.  I listed here the deadly diseases on our world.  Be sure to check out the short list of them.  Information about this has already been researched.

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