Why is our Body God's Temple and Life is a Blessing

Written by: Fitand Rich

We, as human beings are the highest form of creation of God.  We have been given the highest intelligence amongst all creatures on earth that is why our body is God's Temple and life is a blessing.  We must learn to love ourselves and live our life to the fullest.

It is a blessing for us to live, and with our body you can experience God.  Our body is composed of 10^13 ( 10 Trillion ) cells, and what is more amazing is that these cells were always brand new, replenishing everyday.  We have a soul, and an intelligent mind.  God also give us the freedom to decide and given the right to recreate, co-create things with him.

Our lives are so special that even we are getting diseases, we are having getting old and weak, God have created the things that we need.  He gave us the plants, animals and earth so we cal live.  If we need to be healthy, God gave us medicines and food from plants and animals.  Isn't it amazing?  God have made our cells protect us from diseases in the first place so we must take care of our body and health.

Truly this is amazing, so check out my helpful article that can help you.



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