The Mindset

Written by: Fitand Rich


Everyone lives in this world and was shaped into the reality of what he has now. Your sum, the personality that you have were the result of what you have acquired through time. People are around you, the environment is where you were immersed there so much.
Every time you start to make a choice is affected and influenced by your mindset. Mindset is molded by the things that we see from parents, teachers, friends, peers, and colleagues. It may come from your relatives too and also on the things that you get information. If you are to read a horror comic book, your mindset is that you become fearful or afraid of the dark. That is how a mindset affects you.
Many people in this world are blinded. Whatever status you are in, you might wonder why a poor is always poor, a middle-class sometimes become poor, and it seems unfair to see the rich get richer. This is because everyone has a different mindset.
The mindset of the poor usually is to get to college, complete education and be employed. That is the same mindset of the middle-class. The poor learned to live within the bounds of limited income and resources. The middle-class people learned to adapt some of what the poor do and then buy some expensive things and have debts too that they remain in middle class throughout their lives. The rich on the other hand has a bigger mindset, they learn to live with leisure, learned to limit their expenses, buy an asset or something that multiplies their income, and get a debt but pay it on time and they take advantage of the payment schedule for their debts.
The mindset of the rich is on how they will increase their income. The poor on how they will be rich. Poor people are taught to complete education and have a decent job. However, landing on a decent job doesn’t give you an opportunity to become rich, why? You have to be a rank and file employee meaning that you earn just enough to get back to work, but not to save much. You will have to learn to budget and save money for this one in order to get rich. But employment doesn’t guarantee job security, it doesn’t guarantee promotion, and it doesn’t feel that you will likely be the next President(it will happen if you get enough experience, education and you are a close relative or friend of the business owner). On the other hand, the rich also study to know and have the right skills. They get employed to save alot and then invest, save some more and then start their business. And with the business they have, they are in control.
There are many rich people who were born poor, they only changed their mindset in order to succeed.

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