The Cell's Powerhouse

Written by: Fitand Rich


In the science and anatomy of cells, we have to know where the energy of our cells come from in order for our body to function well. Our body is composed of systems, organs, tissues and cells. The cells need enough energy in order to survive and achieve its function. Healthy cells are helpful for our body to function well.

There are parts of our cell that makes it alive. Everyday our body replenishes our cells. If we are stressed or deprived of sleep we lose the ability to replace enough cells, and during stress our body loses more cells over time.

The body needs enough energy especially the cells. The mitochondria is the cell's powerhouse. In order for this to function well the amino acids and nutrients are needed for the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). For the mitochondria, the nutrients helps the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) to stay healthy.

The mitochondria will move around the cell to generate enough energy for our cells. This provides our cells enough to live well and divide well to manufacture cells. Our mitochondria needs to have a very fast revolution to make its way to generate energy. The power needed will come from the ATP.

Keeping our body healthy will help its generation of ATP which can power our mitochondria. During oxidative stress damage to cells occurs since the mitochondria's function is decreased and lost or inadequate ATP occurs.

Supplementation can greatly help our body. Eating the right kind of food which has healthy content will greatly help our body.

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